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Rei: Look, Rin-san. It has teeth like yours. I think this shirt suits you!
Rin: Seriously Rei?

But Rin buys it in the end

*cough* I just wanna see them shopping together after reading a certain fic last night. And I want to see them wearing casual clothing more….

Also, I’m really hopeful for an official RinRei Endcard… PLS KYOANI >///<


As an aside, I really liked how dream!Gou was pretty much a RinHaru shipper.
"My bro’s over there… Go get him, tiger!" 


As an aside, I really liked how dream!Gou was pretty much a RinHaru shipper.

"My bro’s over there… Go get him, tiger!" 


an au that i absolutely definitely 100% want to make more art for


Translation - Mamo blog 29th August 2014Title: Wandering LA streetsToday also, let’s go!Los Angeles streets wandering story(*^_^*)(XD)The first to introduce is,"Third Street Promenade"It is a promenade located at the center of Santa Monica,Here, there are stylish restaurants, and cinemas, popular shops,And more, there is also the newest shopping mall♪It is also a mecca of street performers, is a very very fun place!!There was a lady who has a veery beautiful singing voice♪On this “Third Street Promenade”, the looking-cool photos firstly posted on the blog, were taken there(XD)Having Kihara san, holding the camera,Let’s take ‘feel like LA’ photos! I said(XD)Like this(XD)Like this(XD)What do you think? Feel like LA?and so on(XD)It’s good, feel like LA! Saying such comment(XD)Then, the next,A shopping mall surrounded by high-class residential area like Beverly Hills etc.,"Westfield Century City" we have moved to,All of us had lunch together☆"The Counter"A hamburger shop, we went to(^_^)vIt was very very volumey!Seeーーー(&gt;_&lt;)☆Mamo chan surprised?(゚Д゚)(XD)And…Stirringly bit into it!!(XD)It was veeeeery delicious,Perfectly finished eating it☆\(^o^)/☆Now now,Today stops at here♪But…Los Angeles streets wandering story,Will still continue…(XD)


Translation - Mamo blog 29th August 2014

Title: Wandering LA streets

Today also, let’s go!

Los Angeles streets wandering story(*^_^*)(XD)

The first to introduce is,

"Third Street Promenade"

It is a promenade located at the center of Santa Monica,

Here, there are stylish restaurants, and cinemas, popular shops,

And more, there is also the newest shopping mall♪

It is also a mecca of street performers, is a very very fun place!!

There was a lady who has a veery beautiful singing voice♪

On this “Third Street Promenade”, the looking-cool photos firstly posted on the blog, were taken there(XD)

Having Kihara san, holding the camera,

Let’s take ‘feel like LA’ photos! I said(XD)

Like this(XD)

Like this(XD)

What do you think? Feel like LA?and so on(XD)

It’s good, feel like LA! Saying such comment(XD)

Then, the next,

A shopping mall surrounded by high-class residential area like Beverly Hills etc.,

"Westfield Century City" we have moved to,

All of us had lunch together☆

"The Counter"

A hamburger shop, we went to(^_^)v

It was very very volumey!


Mamo chan surprised?(゚Д゚)(XD)


Stirringly bit into it!!(XD)

It was veeeeery delicious,

Perfectly finished eating it☆\(^o^)/☆

Now now,

Today stops at here♪


Los Angeles streets wandering story,

Will still continue…(XD)


Haru fucking broke my heart in this episode.

From the beginning of the anime, we know Haru loves the water, he loves swimming free, he truly doesn’t care about his time or being scouted but I feel like - in this episode - it’s the first time that we truly saw that.

Haru has been lately put under a lot of pressure, what does he want to do next year ? Does he wants to go pro ? Will he accept the scouts many offers ? Will he and his friends win the relay this year ? Although he didn’t give two shits about being scouted or not, the fact that he was, the fact that many people think he has a great talent, that people are counting on him, that he’s being called the pride of Iwatobi High School, that made it all real for him, serious, it made swimming serious.

And Haru doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want the pressure, he doesn’t want to think about his immenient future, he doesn’t want to swin to for someone else, Haru only swims free, he only swims for himself and his friends. 

This is why he stopped in the middle of the race because Haru swims because he wants to, not because he has to and especially not to impress someone else. Being put in this situation, under this stress, literallymade him feel like he couldn’t swim anymore, like he wasn’t free anymore. You can even see it as he swims, at the beginning the water is clear like usual but soon and it becomes dark, dark like when Sousuke swims because now, swimming because as painful for Haru because of the stress as it is for Sousuke because of his shoulder. 

This scene was as powerful as it was heartbreaking because he Haru can’t swim freely, he won’t swim at all.

Rin + hair tousling


Reminder that Rin was probably so upset because not only is Haru blowing off his future, but he’s blowing off a future with Rin. By not finishing the race, he blew off the chance to swim with Rin in the finals, and he might have blown off the chance to swim with him in university, and Haru didn’t even realize what he was saying.



And then, he turned around and said he swims for his friends. Rin must not feel like one of those friends anymore. 


  • me: that scene was so painful
  • me: that scene made me actually physically cry
  • me: that scene was emotionally scarring
  • me: 
  • me: 
  • me: better rewatch it 800 times





I saw few people referring to Rin as selfish and saying that he thinks that his way is the only way— well— I want to give my own opinion over it.

First of all, I don’t think it’s the correct way to view this. Rin always was the one to give a push to Haruka, but so far, could you say it affected Haruka badly? If anything, his life became better after Rin gave him the push that allowed him to experience a relay, allowed him to know what having a team felt like. Rin is able to evoke Haruka’s passion, make him try new things, make him grow as a person. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. 

Would Rin push Haruka into professional swimming if he thought it would be bad for him? No. Would he push him if Haruka had different plans? No

Rin truly thinks that it’s the best for him, and not because it’s his own dream like Haruka thinks, but because he thinks Haruka could be happy this way, of course it bugs him seeing all this potential ‘wasted’ but if you noticed, season 2 Rin is nothing like season 1 Rin. He doesn’t snap at Haru was he shows no interest— NO. Instead, he fires him up with enthusiasm! And does Haruka gets fired up? Yes, yes he does. So much so that he did dry training in order to keep up with Rin. So what does Rin see? He sees Haruka enjoying it, training, racing. So he thinks it’s like the relay, when Haruka needed a push in order to do something that eventually made him the person he is now. 

Is Rin selfish? Yes. But not more than any person would be. He wants to keep swimming with Haruka, he wants to be able to swim with him after graduation, same way he wants to swim with Sousuke, and Makoto too! [that’s why he talked with him about scouts] for him, it’s not only his dream that matter, he like Haru, wants to swim with his friends as well. 

And yet again, Haruka and Rin don’t understand each other.

Haruka thinks that all that matter to Rin is his times, him getting scouted, him going professional. Rin on his behalf doean’t understand that this is not a typical Haru, doesn’t see how caged he is and in the end I personally think that he doesn’t feel like he’s included in Haruka friends anymore. 

It got extremely long and confused but what I’m trying to say is that Rin doesn’t try to force his dream on Haruka, of all people, Rin knows how horrible it is to live someone else’s dream. What he tries to do is encourage Haruka, push him, fire him up. Because it’s what Rin does, always did. He just didn’t understand that this time, it would do more harm than good. Though perhaps it’s what Haruka needed. Maybe Haruka needed this opportunity to breakdown, to shout, to be able to let all this tension go out. He isn’t able to do so with the Iwatobi guys, Rin is the only one who was supposed to see this part of Haru [did you see how hard he tried to play normal when the other’s came?] it’s just a shame that Rin wasn’t ready for this side of Haru and most likely got it all wrong.

Those boys forever misunderstand each other and it hurts my soul.

Lol, guess what? There are now posts about Haruka being selfish with the way he acted towards Rin.

Like…come on…seriously?

The whole point of this conflict was to expose the problem, make the plot move forward, and give leeway for a plausible resolution.

I feel like it was necessary for Haru to “break down” and rant at Rin because, like you said, he can’t do that to anybody else. He knows Rin is strong enough to take it, although some may beg to differ.

And in a way, Haru might feel a bit resentful towards Rin for being so…well, Rin has always seen Haru as being special. But right now, at this point in time, in Haru’s eyes, Rin may be just like those people who just push expectations onto him without really understanding the way he feels about it all.

I genuinely believe that his emotions overthrew all rational thought when he said the things he said to Rin. And in turn, Rin is hurt. 

They both hurt each other but they want to save each other.

Love is so difficult.

I saw that stupidity and I honestly wanna shake those folks because god fucking damn it— seriously?

Of all the idiotic things they could have done they started playing the ‘who’s at fault' game while both boys are hurting. There's no one at fault, unless you blame life for being a bitch. They're dealing with growing up, not perfectly, but it's only human. Both are misunderstanding each other and equally hurting each other— but it's just they way they are— it always been their biggest flaw. They would just have to sit down and talk

But now for real, yes, I honestly think that Haruka needed it. He needed to breakdown, to let all this out. And guess what? The only person he can be different with is Rin. Because Rin unlocks a Haruka no one else have seen before, for the better or for the worse. It’s how Rin affects him Those things don’t come as a positive-only-things pack, no, when people love each other no matter in which sense they’re bound to expose the worst and the best of each other. Just like Haruka saw Rin at his worst, now it’s Haruka who’s at his worst.

Haruka needed it but he also hurt Rin in the process. 

I don’t try to excuse anyone, honestly, both could act better but neither is at fault. Rin wasn’t ready, Haruka never talks but then when he suddenly does he doesn’t just talk— he explodes. And not only that. He focuses ALL his frustration on Rin. Just like once Rin saw Haruka as his obstacle, Haruka connects Rin to the intimidating word ‘future’ and lashes at him, for all of it, all his stress and pressure. He’s completely blinded to the fact Rin is not like all those people, he actually wants the best for him. The second Haruka said he’s not Rin, Rin stopped. Why? Because Rin is not trying to force Haruka. No. He’s trying to give him a push to the right direction [or so he thinks]. Haruka was giving signs he likes competitive swimming, at least with Rin, And for Rin it’s enough of encouragement to be— well— himself. 

But when Haruka snaps, he ends up hurting Rin. The way he says he swims for his friends, the way he doesn’t included Rin when he talks to the Iwatobi guys, all this— it hurts Rin because it feels like he isn’t part of those ‘friends’ anymore. Haruka didn’t care for their race, he didn’t care for screwing it up and not racing Rin. He said he only cares for swimming a relay with his teammates. And while WE knows it’s not what’s going on with Haru, Rin doesn’t. And it hurts. He clearly wishes to have both his dream and friends with him— but now— he sees it’s not going to happen, and perhaps not only that, perhaps he won’t be able to swim with Haru at all if he has no interest in this anymore.

Anyways, long story short. Neither is right or wrong— seriously— it’s not black & white kind of shit. Look at things with human eyes not as some sort of a ‘judge’.

*stands up and starts the slow clap*

Exactly, however, it’s ambiguous as to how seriously Haru’s words will affect Rin and whether or not he’ll extend them as to meaning that they’ll never swim together again. 

Both of them haven’t communicated enough to understand how the other person feels. Because of stress (Haru) and because of the shocking performance (Rin’s perspective)…their conversation doesn’t head the way it should.

There is a shift, a regression in Haru’s character, he is holding back from tackling the real problem…he just explodes at Rin, but were they really the words that he meant?

Just why is it that he believes that he has no future?

Why does he not see what others can? That he is amazing and can do anything. 

Ugh. Sorry…this is getting off topic. 

In short, shove a cactus up your rectum if you believe that we don’t give a fuck about our boys.


*goes to england*

me: excuse me, what time is it?

brit: time wots that m8?

*big ben chimes*

everyone starts to count the bongs on their fingers*

brit: OI IT’S 7 BONG

art meme: spring and winter in paris

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” ― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

"Do you not understand that what you do out there is going to impact your future? Don’t you have a dream?! Take this more seriously!” 

"You’re the one who doesn’t understand! What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that! I’m not you! I don’t have any of that!”


god bless rin matsuoka and his perfect face ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)